Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cricketers Under Corporate Hammer

My Grand Father was born in a wrong Generation. He was getting a pension of Rs 75 per month till mid 90s. He has privilege of playing first Ranji trophy match way back in 1936. In those days it playing cricket is honorary players were not paid for Ranji trophy matches. Now a player gets 1 lakh per Ranji trophy match.

Once Bishen signh bedi told that In 1956 when we beat New Zealand the match was over in 4days they were paid Rs 50 as daily allowance. All the players were paid for only 4 days. When one of player asked the Cricket officials for the 5th day allowance the reply was “why did you finish the match in 4 days”. Last week we saw historic auctioning of the cricketers for IPL in Mumbai. Probably this will be the first time that a Human beings were auctioned with full support of Media and public.

Now the BCCI has opened the doors for the corporates to fund and run the teams. This is not new in there are lot of corporates were supporting the game for more than 40 years like Sanmar, India cements, SBI, MRF, TVS to name a few they had interest to promote the game. This time people Ambanis, Mallays have entered the fray. The main difference is to build the brand and make profits.

BCCI has given the rights to corporate to run the cricket, gate collections ,share in the T.V rights I wonder if every things was given the so called franchisee of the team what for the cricket associations are still exists. Corporatastion has started with 20 : 20 games know one whose other formats will also move in to this category

The main aim of IPL is to push ICL to dust everybody knows that ICL wont succeed this was seen during the inaugural tournament by the poor response ICL got. So please see the game the as game do not corpotise by selling the players and spoiling the game and young cricketers with Money. They were reports that Under 19 cricketers were being signed for lakhs by the franchisee that too during Under 19 World cup which is in progress.

The game of Cricket started by English men , mastered by Aussies, sold by Indians.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Baised Media?

How yesterday i was surprised to see a article in self claimed "India's national newspaper" on a caption "Madurai deckedup to celebrate ........'s birthday". I donot understand the motive to write a article on a person's birthday celebrations. This clearly shows that the Newspaper wants to please somebody. Is this the true journalism? Clearly a Newspaper with over 100 years can do a article like this donot blame the new entrants they all wanted to survive.

Public beware

Monday, January 7, 2008

India’s Down in Down Under

Australians clearly dominated the first test in Melbourne were we have lost the test with huge margin. The second test in Sydney were we have dominated the most part of the match expect fourth day. The final day was truly great because both the teams fought very hard, Australians went over board making it worst ever behavior by the world champions. This shows they cannot digest when they are down and made to fight to for the survival.

Arrogance to the core by the Australians led by from the front by none other than Ricky Ponting whose is running a small bad patch after extra ordinary 4 years of test cricket. India did not able play out 72 overs or two sessions even though they had two very poor decisions by the umpires, but expect Anil Kumble no other batsman showed the grit and determination in fighting it out with the opposition.

Rahul and Sourav were playing well they were given out by poor umpiring but what about Jaffer, Laxman, Tendulkar, Yuvaraj and Dhoni they all just thrown there wickets when team needs them to play for draw. Test Cricket is all about playing out sessions especially in the fourth innings. A player could have scored triple hundred in first innings put the team sore beyond 500,but if we could last for one session in second innings he could end up in losing side this best illustrated by Lara during Sri Lankan series were he scored more than 500 runs in three test but his team lost all the three test.

We need really rethink on the composition of the team rather than disturbed by the things (umpiring decisions) which you have no control over it. Apart from Rahul we have only stroke makers in team we need to have one more player who can play out sessions in Test cricket. Last tour we had Akash Chopra and Rahul to do but this time we have only one player.

The selection committee and team management needs to rethink on the composition of the team before they pick players for the tour, here the coach plays a vital role unfortunately we don’t have one at present to plan for the tour.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chennai’s December, Its all about Kutcharis, kancheevarms & Kapi

Come December its Music season in Chennai which attracts people from around world for wonderful Carnatic music. This festival is being performed close to around 60 years.
During this season artist will perform around 40 kutcharies in 15 days across couple of dozen sabhs in Chennai. Its like 20 : 20 cricket,Action packed and well organized by respective sabhs.

We can see the colourful exhibitions of different pattu sarres with sparkling diamonds and gold worn by the musicians as well as the listeners. The other main attractions are the food joints in the sabhs. We have Arusuvai, Gnanambikas and padmanabanhs with variety of item and full course meals are the flavors added to the music season.

The season start from second half of December and ends on 1st of January. The planning for the season usually begins in June itself as the artist , dates and timing needs to finalized .The programme in all the sabhs starts @ in morning to in the evening. Who’s who of Chennai will be in sabhs to enjoy the season last year even Pepsico chief India Nooyi was there for Aruna sairam concert in Music academy.

For last fifteen years iam(along with my friends) regular to all the sabhs to have wonderful food almost every day. This years iam too late to start the season, today iam planned to vist couple of them wait for more in this series……

Monday, December 17, 2007

Badrinath – Give a break


72,0,32,143,46,61,111,36,138 total of 639 runs in last 9 innings with average of 71 Badrinath stands tall to claim a spot in Indian team, will it happen.

Started is career six season ago Badri is stylish batsman can be nick named as Run Machine came to limelight two seasons ago with 636 runs in 7 matches with a average of 80 followed with 450 runs in next season with a average of 50. Apart from this, for the last two years he has scored tons of runs across major cricket playing nations like Australia, South Africa, Kenya in all terrains, but his wait to the national side is still continuing he came close to cut in to the team when gautam gambhir injured during Pakistan one day series ,but not made to the playing eleven.

Started to play cricket at a young age he had the right mettle to succeed at the highest level performed at every single opportunity given to him. Turning for a Jolly Rovers in TNCA Senior league he is a mainstay for Tamilnadu for last three seasons and captaining the state side for two years.

The seniors in current Indian needs to rethink on there continuing to play in all and sundry matches their by denying the chance for young players like Badrinath who needs to play now at the highest level or it will remain only in dream for him.

The selectors and BCCI needs to sit and develop a talent pool of thirty and start giving exposure at the highest level regularly. This will help us to plan for long term. Time is right for some harsh measure and bold decision, otherwise it will become very difficult for the team when we plan for next world cup in 2011.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ganguly - Begining of the end

During course of his Double hundred against pakistan yesterday Dada is now the higest rungetter for our country this year,2007 has been his most successful year statistically. Potentially he has three innings left still, and he has already scored 932 runs at 62.13. His most prolific year to date has been 2002, when he managed 945 runs - but it took him 16 Tests back then.

Ganguly played what the country expects from him,but it came after 5 long years. During these period he was dropped for a year.Put together, 2005 and 2006 yielded him only 422 runs from 11 Tests at 28.13, and that included a painstaking hundred against a hopeless Zimbabwean bowling attack.

He owes his return to a change in the selection committee, but the rest of the story is about a man who simply refused to surrender to what seemed inevitable to most. Much can be said about his improved footwork and the decisiveness of his stroke-making, but in the end, it has been a triumph of spirit, of incredible strength of mind and faith.

Sourav now needs to take a decision about his future.Dada needs very good retirement. Afterall he is most sucessful captain of our country

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Internal or Ethnic Issue?

There is huge debate (Internal or Ethnic issue)for last ten deays on the plight of Malayasian citizens(indian origin). This is very serious and sensitive issue needs to handled very carfully. We as a country have host of problems on these lines to support or not to support is a very improtant issue beacause we can get caught in the similar lssues which is already we fighting.

There was very childish statement from political leaders of Tamilnadu about this issue. This is a national issue only Fedral government issue a statement. I strongly feel we need esclate this issue to U.N. rather than we try to stort it out.